Minutes of the 5th Annual General Meeting of Friends of Moormead - 27 June 2018

Wednesday 27th June 2018 at Winchester Hall, Turks Head, Winchester Road

Welcome and introduction

Mandie Adams McGuire (Chair and minutes), introduced Cllr Geoff Acton, David Allister (Head of Parks LBRUT) and Gariesh Sharma (Moormead Community and Sport Pavilion) and thanked them all for attending.

There were fifteen in attendance

Apologies received from: Pete Smith (St Margarets Fair Committee member) and Nora McGlone

Committee - Stephen Alexander, James Bishop, Harry Jacobs, Barney King & Liza Nischal

The current committee were re-elected unanimously. These are:-

  • Stephen Alexander - Chairman
  • Mandie Adams McGuire - Vice Chair
  • James Bishop
  • Peter Bloom (alternate = Rosie Bloom)
  • Nikki Gouldstone
  • Harry Jacobs
  • Barney King
  • Moir Leslie
  • Liza Nischal

No new people have offered to stand.

The Pavilion

Lengthy discussion took place on the progress made since our last meeting on 28th June 2017. Gareish restated his intention to raise funds for a rebuild of the pavilion estimated at £1.5million. Gariesh set up a charity 'Moormead Community and Sport Pavilion' in 2017 prior to our last meeting. (This is still going through the formalities of Charity Commission registration). He has had discussion with many funding bodies since last year including 'Bring Back Cricket', ECB, Football Foundation, RFU, Middlesex FA and LTA. He feels funding opportunities are looking good including London Marathon. Gariesh stated there is a lot of goodwill and local support for the project.

It was voiced how everyone feels it is so great to see children so fully using the Mead now with the football. Running would be a good addition as well as the newly established children's cricket. There was concern over adult cricket being re-established but everyone was assured this will not happen because of the size of pitch being too close to cars and houses.

David A was asked whether the Council match funds. He stated this is not what the Council agrees to-they base their decision on funds promised by other bodies and give a percentage of the build costs.

David A reiterated to the meeting, and to Gariesh, that the Council position remains the same; they are keen to see a rebuild on Moormead, rather than refurb which would cost approximately 300k but would only be a short-term solution. However, they require assurances from Gariesh, and these have as yet been unforthcoming. The history so far is that Gariesh has not yet provided neither plans nor drawings. It's been over 2 years since the first meeting when it was generally agreed that the football group were the best group to oversee the project of the rebuild. More than 6 months ago David A gave Gariesh a further 6 months to come up with plans etc and so he feels frustrated that this time line has not been met.

David A was questioned who would take on the long-term maintenance once the building is in place. The building would remain council owned.

Gariesh said 4 local architects have given their time free towards the project. When questioned he stated that there are still no sketches or rough plans and no indication of the footprint envisaged.

David A stated that the Council planning dept will only agree to the current footprint. This would obviously have to take into account the trees close by etc. The planning dept have strict regulations that will need to be met and the first thing needed is the engagement of planning consultants. Gariesh has not employed them yet as he doesn't want to waste funds. David A reiterated that this is the first step in the process and needs to be done. Gareish stated he has been frustrated by wanting to have a conversation with the planning dept to better understand what is needed before spending any money, as other projects have spent funds only to be rejected.

David A emphasised planning permission has to be in place before the Council will become fully involved. In order to get planning permission clear guidelines exist:

  1. Drawings required
  2. Pre-plan advice
  3. Funding - meet requirements
  4. The project will need planning permission before any funding is offered

Mandie suggested that in order to progress the matter, Gareish, David A, Geoff A and FOM represented by Stephen and herself should meet with someone from the planning department asap. All these parties agreed to do this and Mandie said she would send out an email after the meeting to all concerned to try to set this up. (This she has done subsequently).

It was suggested that there should be clear 'milestones' for people to see progress is being made. It was therefore agreed that a meeting of FOM should be held in the autumn to hear progress, rather than waiting till the next AGM.

Meanwhile concern was voiced about the pavilion becoming hazardous because of children climbing on the roof etc causing a potential danger to themselves and others. If the Council were to knock it down would it ever be rebuilt?

Fly tipping has been noticed by the pavilion. Noted by David A.

Lower Crane Partnership

Everyone was in agreement that the opening up of the River Crane would be a positive addition to Moormead

Any other business

Moir Leslie asked about the new station and the walkway being opened up to Moormead. Geoff A stated that this is still proposed and is part of the multi million pound plans to improve the station and access which is underway. St Margarets station will also soon hopefully become more accessible with opening up the entrance in Amyand Park Road.

Friends of Moormead 2018 AGM - 08 June 2018

The 5th Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Moormead which will be held in Winchester Hall, Turk's Head on Wednesday 27th June 2017 at 6.30pm.

All signed up members are invited to attend and non-Friends who want to attend are welcome to come along on the night and join. Please note that there is, at the moment, no joining fee nor subscription.

The Agenda, as required by the constitution will be :

  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Adoption of the minutes of the 4th AGM held on 28th June 2017
  3. Nominations and re-elections for the committee

    The current members of the Committee members are:

    • Stephen Alexander Chairman
    • Mandie Adams McGuire Vice Chair
    • James Bishop
    • Peter Bloom (alternate - Rosie Bloom)
    • Nikki Gouldstone
    • Harry Jacobs
    • Barney King
    • Moir Leslie
    • Liza Nischal

    If anyone wishes to nominate themselves, please let us know before the meeting

    The existing committee has offered to stand for re-election. Therefore the full committee will be :

    • Stephen Alexander Chairman
    • Mandie Adams McGuire Vice Chair
    • James Bishop
    • Peter Bloom (alternate - Rosie Bloom)
    • Nikki Gouldstone
    • Harry Jacobs
    • Barney King
    • Moir Leslie
    • Liza Nischal
  4. The Pavilion
  5. Lower River Crane Partnership See FORCE website
  6. Any other business - questions and answers
  7. Date of next meeting

Minutes of the 4th Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Moormead - 28th June 2017 - 28 June 2017

1. Welcome & Introductions

Stephen Alexander (Chair) introduced himself and the other Committee members present. 3 local Councillors: Geoff Acton, Alex Ehmann and Ben Khosa as well as Siobhan Oktay, Community Links Officer, LBRuT and 20 Friends of Moormead were present. Apologies from David Allister, Head of Parks LBRuT and Barney King

2. The minutes of the 3rd AGM, held on 27th April 2016 were adopted.

3. Nominations and re-elections of the committee

The existing committee has offered to stand for re-election. The current members of the Committee members are:-

  • Stephen Alexander - Chairman
  • Mandie Adams McGuire - Vice Chair
  • James Bishop
  • Peter Bloom - (alternate Rosie Bloom)
  • Nikki Gouldstone
  • Harry Jacobs
  • Barney King
  • Moir Leslie

In addition, Liza Nischal is offering to stand for the Committee

  • Proposed by Pete Smith
  • Seconded by Bill Cameron.

4. The Pavilion

Stephen stated that last year's AGM was largely taken up with listening to those who had expressed an interest in the Pavilion. There are several other initiatives that are either ongoing - areas of wild flowers and grasses and long term plans for improving the River Crane - or are stalled. The really vital work is on the Pavilion and Stephen invited Gariesh Sharma to provide the AGM with an update.

  • Gariesh provided a re-cap of last year's AGM position. He stated last year's consultation resulted in 70% of the responses in favour of a sports facility and a community café.
  • The project was then approved to go ahead. Since then Gariesh has set up a new charity 'Moormead Community and Sports Pavilion'. It is in its infancy, and has a Facebook page with the same name. Gariesh invited the attendees to join this group and to participate in some of the activities.
  • There is a vision statement that is completed. The goal for this project was provision of toilets, a coffee shop, sports storage, St Margarets Fair storage and community space for activities such as yoga / chess club etc. Gariesh confirmed that space would be fundamental for provision of community activities.
  • Gariesh confirmed this is a registered charity and not a CIC. The charity has 3 trustees who would be responsible for the project.
  • The Project has got active support from the local schools: Orleans, St. Stephens, St. Marys, St.Stephen's Church, Moormead FC. Work continues to get more supporters.
  • Gariesh then took questions from the floor, a summary of which is below
    1. What is the reaction from the Council? Working closely with David Allister and Gariesh keeps him updated.
    2. Will the Council provide some financial support? Council has not said they will not, subject to match funding and planning permission adherence.
    3. For community space i.e. Yoga/ chess club this would require significant money and time. Is this sustainable and financially viable? It is something the project would like to consider, but don't have all the answers at this stage. Requirements and funding is the next fundamental step in the project.
    4. What timeframe are you working on for completion? 3 years
    5. Will the existing pavilion be demolished? Broadly yes, will revert to the Council (David Allister) but initial recommendations were it would be a waste of money to renovate.
    6. What materials will you use for the rebuilt pavilion? Will be based on Planning advice, but rest assured we would keep it aesthetic to the local area.
    7. What is the impact on parking? The pavilion / café is meant for the local community and not a Starbucks type coffee shop. Discussion on the impact of parents dropping kids off especially on the weekend, it can get very busy.
    8. The Pavilion in the park on North Road was paid for by the Council, why are we trying to raise funds? Confirmation from the table that Sport England and FA supported them. Cllr. Alex Ehmann mention there is less spending in the council. Not sure if this will change going forward. Council will need convincing if a bigger footprint was suggested. Gariesh Sharma stated that it is the duty of the 3 trustees to try to get the funding. Focus now is to get governance and project for formally initiated. Council have said the demolition would cost £30k
    9. What have you agreed with the Fair reference storage? Confirmation we have committed they would have storage in the pavilion.
    10. Will the footprint be larger than current? There was a sentiment amongst all that a larger footprint would not necessarily be welcomed as with it come other issues such as parking. There was a view that a squaring off would be accepted. Council support for a bigger footprint would be difficult
    11. Have we considered the redevelopment of TW station / the building of a walkway to the park as a means to secure additional funding? In consideration
    12. Rob Gray from Friends of River Crane Environment said he was there as an observer and said he was supportive of concept if FOM were. Said it was worth visiting Kneller Gardens in Twickenham which started out as Moormead, remodeled with council support. Friends of Kneller Gardens would confirm footfall improves with Café, probably too much now.
    13. Would this at some stage turn into a commercial operation with hire out facilities? Gariesh confirmed this is not in the plan and will not have a full license for parties/ alcohol etc. The project is for a café operation and community space.
    14. There was a general discussion on how the group felt the project was progressing. There were some active supporters for the work that Gariesh has done to date. There was a general agreement by all for Gariesh to provide a business case and get the requirements nailed down in a year's time and bring it to the next AGM. There was an appreciation that this is an aggressive timescale as charity funding activities tend to move slowly. Gariesh thought it was a good milestone to aim at; Finance is a priority for them.
    15. An active discussion pursued about the current state of the Pavilion. It is a health and safety hazard. There are kids that make their way to the roof. There was a lot of anxiety about the risk of the pavilion causing harm to the kids. There were police in attendance a few days ago. There was confirmation that should a kid get injured from climbing the pavilion, then it would be the Council's liability. Some of the windows now broken through. There was an agreed action for the chair of the AGM to get the Council via David Allister to undertake an urgent assessment of the facility and undertake actions to make it safe.
    16. There was a view that the water at the pavilion is contaminated based on a preview water report. Cllr. Geoff Action confirmed that this was not the case. The mains are fine but internal storage is contaminated.
    17. RFU will have a booth at the St Margarets Fair. Gariesh and team should use this as an opportunity to see if they could support the project and consider Moormead as actively supporting mini Rugby as well as football.
    18. Are there artist impressions of the project available to share to get more local support from neighbours? This could be useful at the St Margarets Fair. Gariesh confirmed this is not yet available.

The chair then brought this discussion to a close and moved to the next agenda item

5. Vision plan & trees

Stephen stated the committee have produced a Vision Plan for the medium and long term future of the park and its trees. We have been advised that, whilst it won't produce funds in the short term, at least it gets us in the queue for future funding from the Council - i.e. S106 monies

6. New path from Twickenham station to Moormead.

This will not be implemented before 2019

7. Siobhan Oktay (Community Links Officer) reference Village Planning Fund

Siobhan said the council has a Village Planning Fund for community infrastructure projects. We belong to the St Margarets and East Twickenham cluster that is paired with the wider Twickenham and Whitton cluster. There is around £77k currently in the fund, it is a rolling fund. It is for capital expenditure and Infrastructure spend only. 6 month turnaround for projects to start within a year. 2 applications welcomed a year, next application window is in March. Siobhan invited the group to take leaflets which provide more detail.

8. AOB

Thanks to Peter Mahnke for maintaining our website

9. Date of next meeting: next year around the same time.

2017 AGM of the Friends of Moormead - 28 June 2017 - 11 June 2017

The 4th AGM of the Friends of Moormead will be held at the Turk's Head at 1830 hrs on Wednesday 28th June

Apart from the formalities of a vote on the committee, the only substantial agenda matter to discuss will be the Pavilion.

Gariesh Sharma, who, with some friends, is forming a CIC to raise funds for the refurbishment of the Pavilion, has kindly agreed to update the meeting on progress.


The Agenda, as required by the constitution will be :-

  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Adoption of the minutes of the 3rd AGM held on 27th April 2016
  3. Nominations and re-elections for committee
  4. The Pavilion- with an update from Gariesh Sharma.

Friends of Moormead Annual General Meeting held on 27th April 2016 at the Turk's Head, Winchester Road - 30 May 2016

1. Welcome & Introductions

  • Stephen Alexander (Chair) introduced himself and the other Committee members present.
  • David Allister, Head of Parks LBRuT and Siobhan Oktay, Community Links Officer, LBRuT were also in attendance. x26 Friends of Moormead who were present signed the attendance sheet and there were approximately 40 people in total present.
  • Apologies were received from Moir Leslie and 3 local Councillors, Geoff Acton, Alex Ehmann and Ben Khosa

2. the minutes of the last AGM, held on 11th May 2015 were adopted

Annual report from the Chair

  • The Chair reported that the majority of the activity had been around the Pavilion.
  • A new baby and toddler area has been created in part of the children's playground.
  • The parks contractors doing grass cutting and general maintenance are doing a good job.

4. Nominations and re-elections for the Committee

Those offering themselves for re-election were the outgoing 2015 Committee members with Peter Bloom and Rosie Bloom, as his Alternate, in addition.

  • Proposed by: John Monhemius
  • Seconded by: Mike Ainger

The members of the Committee are:-

  • Stephen Alexander - Chairman
  • Mandie Adams McGuire - Vice Chair
  • James Bishop
  • Nikki Gouldstone
  • Harry Jacobs
  • Barney King
  • Moir Leslie
  • Peter Bloom
  • Rosie Bloom (Alternate to Peter Bloom)

5. The Pavilion

The AGM was brought forward from last year in order to allow for a meeting before the close of the Public Consultation on the future for Moormead Pavilion on 3rd May 2016. It had been proposed that those who had expressed an interest in the operation of the Pavilion, and who the Council had felt were possible viable options, should be invited to speak for 3 minutes on their proposal and answer questions.

  • David Allister opened the discussion. He thanked FOM for the invitation to speak. He wished to make it clear that this was the FOM AGM and not a meeting sponsored by the Council.
  • He reminded the meeting that at the meeting in 2015 it was agreed that the 3 Councillors would meet with him to discuss a way forward. This resulted in expressions of interest being advertised. The expressions of interest subsequently received fell broadly into 3 categories : Nursery Provision; Cafe; Sports focused.
  • These categories formed the basis for the public consultation with the FOM and the wider community.
  • Once the consultation is completed the Council will decide on the preferred option. In theory the next action would be to advertise the opportunity with formal tenders being invited making a business case for the preferred option.
  • The tender that works for the Community and the Council would be selected. One clear criterion is sustainability.
  • Once the Consultation closes on 3rd May, he will advise what the next stage is.

Stephen Alexander then invited those who had Expressed an Interest to give a 3 minute presentation. He said that the meeting would like to hear how their plans address:

  1. Provision of toilets and refreshments
  2. Provision of community space for activities and storage
  3. Impact of refurbished building
  4. Generation of traffic and parking
  5. Sustainability

Those speaking were:

  • Gariesh Sharma on behalf of MoorMead Football Club
  • Aysin Djemil promoter of Pistachio in the Parks cafes
  • Liya Rickards proprietor of Mandarin Ducklings Day Nursery

Following each speaker, questions were invited from the floor.

(The detail of the presentation and the Q&A's are recorded as "Appendix 1"#appendix1.)

After the last speaker, there was a request from the floor for a show of hands as to which of the 3 options were preferred. In response SA said that there is always a tension between keeping Moormead a quiet place and the need to develop the Sports Pavilion. He said that he felt there has to be a combination of proposals. Everyone has their own views. FOM Committee members have their own views. Therefore it should be left to the consultation process.

SA was pressed from the floor for a vote. Harry Jacobs suggested that voting was not appropriate and may not be in the best interests of those that had spoken. Siobhan Oktay reminded the meeting that the Consultation is available on line and that she had paper copies for distribution with her for anyone who wished.

There was then a question as to an option of whether the Pavilion should be razed to the ground. Would the Council consider this? And the electricity substation?

David Allister said there are always options. The bottom line is to find something that meets the needs of the Community and is sustainable. If this can't be found it could be an option. The Council has no way of moving the electricity substation. This is down to the power providers.

David Allister said he had found it interesting listening to the the speakers and questions. He reminded the meeting that whatever the option selected, it would be subject to a planning process to include site development, traffic issues, noise generation and travel plans.

Funding issues will also need to be decided. These will have conditions attached but could start at 1/3rd to 2/3rd matched.

6. Any other business


7. Date of next meeting

Stephen Alexander said that Friends would be given notice of the next AGM in Spring 2017

8. Close

Stephen Alexander closed the meeting. He expressed thanks to everyone attending and especially David Allister and Siobhan Oktay. He also thanked Peter Mahnke for continuing to run the website.


Appendix 1 to the Minutes of the FOM AGM 27th April 2016

Presentations by parties interested in developing the use of the Pavilion

Moormead Football Club

Presented by Gariesh Sharma

  • I run a coffee stall at the above event for children on a Saturday morning.
  • We can access grant money, can raise our own money and get support from Richmond Council.
  • We are firmly committed to mixed use - Cricket, Church, Schools. St Margarets Fair would have access.
  • Our motives are transparent - see our Facebook site - Moormead Pavilion
  • We are a not for profit organisation.
  • Most children walk to the site.
  • Moormead FC play home matches at Marble Hill Park.
  • We have Chartered Status. We have been in existence 30 years, FC the last 10 years.
  • We would extend the community spirit to other groups - storage, community space with coffee.

Q: SA asked about changing rooms. A: There would be a mixed use space that can be used for changing.

Q: What about a coffee shop? A: At the moment coffee is available Sat AMs. But could extend into a cafe, and possibly during the week.

Q: What about funding? A: Working with Brentford FC who has done this a lot. Plus Sport England. Matched funding. Ongoing costs for sustainability through subs.

Q: Will there be matches? A: No different from current situation. Internal matches. League matches are held in Marble Hill Park. This will continue. There is not enough space for further development.

Q: Would you improve the grounds? A: Would like to do more, using membership fees.

Q: What about girls' football? A: Would like to join forces with Cygnets girls on a Sunday.

Q: What about the Pavilion. How would it be developed? A: Just at an expression of interest stage. The footprint will stay the same.

Q: What about during the week? A: Would offer space to another business.

Q: How would the finances be managed? A: We would control hours and take a percentage.

Q: Cleaning? A: Someone would be put in charge of this, a manager.

Q: Toilets accessible at all times? A: We are looking at this. Will be open during football and when cafe open. Coffee shop responsible for cleaning.

Q: Parking? A: Don't see any change in current practice. If cafe open during the week there could be a change. Need to research.

Q: Continuity? A: Club has been going for 30 years. Now has chartered FC status.

Pistachios in the Parks

Presented by Aysin Djemil

  • We run cafes in parks, all sports.
  • 7 days a week commitment, would work with football clubs here.
  • Have done building, up to 100k.
  • Done commercially, deal with Councils, sustainable.
  • Safe haven - eyes in the park.
  • Dog walkers - tea - light lunches.
  • Mums/toddlers - soft play Community room.
  • Cafes in Hanwell, Richmond, Kings Field, Bushy Park - 7 days a week.
  • Profit making to earn a living - franchises - charge 6.75%on turnover.
  • CCTV link to portal so Council can see what's going on.
  • Build a community spirit - offer activities.
  • Engage in community - pop up restaurants - Y6 camping - football - cricket.
  • Toilets always open - staff to keep them clean.

Q: How well do you know this area? A: It's a busy area - reducing carbon footprint by being local - walk there. If really successful, maybe people will start driving.

Q: Opening hours? A: 9-6, 4.30 - unless event - pop up would be later. 8.30am start for staff. No deep fat fryers, food all fresh etc. Put money back into the community by organising trips.

Q: What about noise, disruption, deliveries if business hours are long? A: Go and visit other cafes. Not a lot of noise. Look at Palewell Park, Manor House Gardens. Creating a nice village green/fete. Work with the community to develop the park.

Q: Community facilities? Toilets accessible? A: Toilets open for all, when cafe is open.

Q: Cope with loads of kids from football? A: Would put on additional cleaners. But this is all speculative at present. Would need to firm up.

Q: How long will you invest for? A: Must be 20 years - with break clauses.

Mandarin Ducklings Day Nursery

Presented by Liya Rickards.

  • Thanks to everyone who has been involved in getting to this stage.
  • My purpose here is to share my ideas.
  • Two years ago I started this process.
  • Three years ago I started a nursery in my house and now have a waiting list. There are no day care nurseries in St Margarets itself.
  • I realised that the Pavilion was there to be developed.
  • Process of getting to know what to use building for. People want a cafe and toilets. Is this suitable for us?
  • Potentially can combine a few services into one - maximise use of this asset.
  • Nursery runs 8 - 6 Mon to Fri. Sports Sats and Suns. Weekdays it's quiet in park for cafe.
  • Nursery during week days, share space at w/e. Share space with sports club.
  • Sustainability to keep it running. We would take more responsibility for the building.
  • We ask, can we do more? Birthday parties at w/e's?
  • Provision of toilets and refreshments - toilet inside cafe at w/e's.
  • Community space and storage - share building with sports and fair.
  • Refurbish building - keep it as it is but better. More inviting, more comfortable.
  • Re generation of traffic - only 10% of parents would travel by car. Quick drop off and pick up. Could have a catchment area - priority for places to go to children in St Margarets. Keep an eye on the situation.
  • Sustainability - A small business. St Margarets developed as Nappy Valley. Greater demand for a day nursery. After only 3 years my business has a waiting list.

Q: How many children? A: 20 local families - all day care - very little half days.

Q: Weekdays, toilet facilities not available. A: Depends. Not allowed to share children's toilets with public. Possibility of separate access.

Q: Play area? Extend outdoor footprint? Enclosed? A: We would like a small outdoor play area - fenced off area - softened by hedging.

Q: For 20 children, how much area? A: No legal requirement for space.

Q: Clarify number of children. A: 20 children. Comment from floor: Would like to see it razed to the ground and put somewhere else.

Q: New build or current structure? A: Within current structure, squaring off, allowing for storage for football and fair.

Q: Funding? A: Private, renting with Council? other users ?.

Q: 20 children need a lot of stuff. It's admirable to maximise building but is there room? A: Need to think of smart ways to utilise space. Some areas not open to the public.

Q: Evening use after 6pm? A: Could certainly explore - but aware of use. FOM meetings, Church groups?

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