• Boys playing beside the River Crane

    Boys playing beside the River Crane

  • Boys playing in the park
  • The River Crane

    The River Crane

  • Cricket


  • Cherry trees
  • Ice cream at the St Margarets Fair

    Ice cream at the St Margarets Fair

  • Kids playing football

    Saturday football

  • Band playing at the St Margarets Fair

    Band at the St Margarets Fair

  • St Stephen's Five-a-side Football Tournament

    St Stephen's Five-a-side Football Tournament

  • St Margarets Fair

    St Margarets Fair

  • Snowy trees

Moormead is a park in St Margarets, Twickenham, Middlesex. It is a haven of peace in the Borough.

The Friends of Moormead want to see this continue, along with other suitable use of the park i.e. football, cricket, St Stephen’s School, and the St Margarets Fair.

We have formal constitution and Committee in the form suggested by London Borough of Richmond upon Thames Council, who want to be able to consult a representative body about proposals for the continuing maintenance of Moormead. The more people who join the Friends, the louder will be our voice. Major consultations will be voted on by the Friends of Moormead at a general meeting. Please help us by signing up

Latest news

Announcing the Friends of Moormead AGM - 27 April 2016 - 22 April 2016

Dear Friends of Moormead,

I attach an agenda Friends of Moormead AGM agenda 27 April 2016.pdf for the Annual General Meeting to be held on 27th April 2016 at 7pm in Winchester Hall at the Turk's Head. I also attach the minutes of the last AGM

I hope and trust that the "formal" part of the meeting will take all of 5 minutes. This year, yet again, there is only really one subject for airing your views on and that is the Pavilion.

Through LBRuT we are inviting those who have Expressed an Interest to the Council to give a 3 minute presentation to the meeting. We would like to hear how their plans address :-

  1. Provision of toilets and refreshments
  2. Provision of community space for activities and storage
  3. Impact of refurbished building
  4. Generation of traffic and parking
  5. Sustainability

I realise that this sound like a lot to pack into 3 minutes but that is what Councils allow the public at their meetings.

Please note that this will not be a "beauty contest". If a popular bidder emerged at our AGM this does not mean that LBRuT will automatically adopt that plan. Expressions of Interest have been made, the public can comment on their preferred option and then the negotiations between the bidders and LBRuT start.

We hope to see you on 27th April 2016.

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